I’m passionate by Asian food and more specifically by recipes that are easy-to-make but using high-quality products. For me quality and healthy products are essential in my recipes. Taking this in consideration I discovered the brand OrienBites some years ago. They have all kind of products that I often use in my recipes. As I told before I’m obsessed with healthy food, so I will always do some research before using a product. I learned that OrienBites is a brand with a clean label. This means they don’t use artificial taste enhancers and colouring in their products. They guarantee qualitative products and one of the most important part is that they don’t use STTP (= seafood soaking) and they are not using any MSG (Toxic artificial taste enhancer, often used in Asian food production). All OrienBites products are frozen which makes it very easy to use. As a father of three children the frozen products of OrienBites are the perfect solution in function of time and quality. Take a look at their website to learn more about it: http://www.foodempire.be

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Dim Sum (Orienbites premium)
Groene asperges
Sweety drops 
Groene paprika
Vale Arca premium olijfolie 
Smaakverfijner vegan
10-20 minuten


De asperges halveren en verwarmen.De Dim Sum verwarmen zoals aangegeven op de verpakking.De groene paprika blenden met olie en de smaakverfijner.Met de Sweety drops dresseren.
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